Gianluca Lambusta

“Start with why”. This is Gianluca’s mantra. Moreover, if it had not been so, he would not have had the courage to go through the defeats that have characterized his path and to arrive at the success he has achieved today.
Gianluca winks at Financial Trading in 2009 thanks to a passion that his parents cultivated. At the beginning of 2015, thanks to a friend of the family, he began to investigate a new methodology which today is his modus operandi, based on volumes and on a careful analysis of what he defines as “market inefficiencies”. In 2018 he founded Chinooky with the aim of teaching other people to avoid falling into the traps of fake traders and to provide the tools to understand the market and its movements. His private courses and coaching have changed the lives of more than 350 traders in Italy.
In 2020 Gianluca enters the Savius world, buying the company and restructuring it from scratch together with the fundamental collaboration with Tiziano Brunno, current CEO and Risk Manager Savius.
Today Gianluca ranks as one of the very few Traders in Italy capable of showing his trading on a real account, both when he is making a profit and when he is losing.