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Do you want to have the chance to get funded, jumpstarting your career in the financial markets as a professional trader?

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Savius Trader

Choose the market where you would like to operate with our pre-made challenges.

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The only Prop House that allows you to operate on

EUREX Market

SaviusLLC is proud to offer to their Futures traders all the EUREX symbols on top of the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and CBOT symbols, making us the Prop House with the broadest amount of available trading instruments.

How does our evaluation work

You're just three steps away from receiving a funded account, scalable up to 250k USD with an 80% profit share from the start.

First Step

It's mandatory for everyone, and it jumpstarts the evaluation phase.

Second Step

The second step further validates your consistency. Once done, you'll reach Step 3, where you can start earning your profit split.

Third Step

From the completion of this step onwards, you'll be able to claim your profit split each time you conclude the month in the green, banking in your trading salary. Congratulations, you're now a Savius Trader!

Why should you get funded?

Being a trader means being an entrepreneur, which means you're subject to entrepreneurial risk.

In other words, you expose your capital at risk of ruin: your account could potentially be liquidated if you're inexperienced.

At Savius, we give funding to traders with good execution and risk management skills.

Our two-step selection phase is meant to test whether you fit the profile we seek. If you reach step 3, you'll be considered worthy of managing our capital and get the 80% profit split at the end of each month you're in the green.

Getting funded by a Prop firm like Savius is an excellent risk management tool, limiting the trader's direct exposure to the markets and an opportunity to be noticed.

Aside from the challenge's cost, your risk is virtually non-existent, eliminating the risk of getting liquidated, limiting the resulting anxiety, and putting the trader in the right spot to focus on their trading strategy and execution.

Why should you put your trust in Savius?

SaviusLLC is a nine years old investment company which is based in the US and Switzerland.

We aim to provide funding to those traders who demonstrate solid risk management skills and a profitable trading strategy. We give you the tools you need; you trade.

The advantage for the retail, wannabe "pro trader" is straightforward: you don't have to risk your capital; you can use ours if you have what it takes!

Real Money

We're one of the few Prop Firms that allocates real money to the traders who pass the evaluation phase.


We pay our funded traders every month. Losses are our responsibility.

English Support

Our customer service provides reliable technical support in English.

Further growth after the funding phase

SaviusLLC offers a unique opportunity to those who reach and pass step 6 to work for an investment fund.

Many Savius Traders have already passed the evaluation phase, receiving their official certification, which proves that they are official Savius Traders who started to earn an actual salary based on their trading performance.

... And they are starting to earn a real salary

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