Do you want to get serious about trading, demonstrate your skills and make a career in the financial markets?

Participate in the International Trading Challenge

You can win a Funded Account of up to $150,000

Registrations will close on 7 September!

Imagine a group of traders challenging each other Online in one of the most competitive markets...


Hundreds of Traders will compete for two months (September and November), but only THREE of them will be able to take pride of place on the podium.

Discover the prizes below:

1st Position

Receives a $ 15 0,000 funded account with a maximum drawdown of $ 10,000.

2nd Position

Receives a $ 75,000 funded account with a Max Drawdown of $ 7,000.

3th Position

Receives a $ 50,000 funded account with a maximum drawdown of $ 4,000.

The accounts provided to the winners are already enabled to redeem Profit Shares (of 80%) for every single month you are in profit!

Essentially, it will be like skipping the selection phase and being ready to be paid by Savius right away.

How does The Challenge work?

This International Trading Challenge is divided into 2 phases:

The rules of the challenge

  • It starts with an initial capital of 50,000€.
  • Maximum drawdown (trailing) achievable: $ 4,000
  • Minimum sessions: 10
  • Minimum Trade: 10
  • Consistency: n/a
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Commissions: see table
  • Spread: see table
  • Swap Rates: see table

Those who have not yet reached the Max DrawDown at the end of September are entitled to enter the final phase in October, even if they have a negative balance

Registrations will close on 7 September!​

Why participate?

Here are 3 valid reasons


Getting involved

This is where it gets serious, dear Trader.

You will have to compete against other fierce traders and prove your prowess in the financial markets.

It will be an opportunity for you to stand out and show your skills in such a complex field.

Registrations will close on 7 September!​​


Opportunities to make trading your profession

By stepping up to the podium you will have direct access to one of our funded accounts with which you can trade WITHOUT risking your capital....

But using ours. Thisis not the classic demo account.

Through the account provided to you if you win, for every month that you are in the positive, you will receive 80% Profit Share.

Registrations will close on 7 September!​​


Opportunity to work closely with an investment company

At Savius we constantly reward the most capable Traders. In fact, some of them are now part of our team, thus having the opportunity to trade side-by-side with industry professionals with over a decade of experience.

Registrations will close on 7 September!​​

If you think this sounds too good to be true....

Read some of the testimonials written by traders who chose Savius for their capital

Better and better! My experience with Savius is proving to be top-notch: on Friday I finished phase 3 and today I already have the account ready for phase 4! Now we are just waiting for the first profit share, after which, in my opinion, Savius is confirmed as the best prop firm on the market!

Alessio G. - Trader in Savius

I have been working there for more than a year, the payments have always been regular and the support is in Italian. Absolutely recommended.

Max M. - Trader in Savius

There is a sense of professionalism and seriousness right from the first step; all accompanied by fast and impeccable service. Happy and satisfied to have chosen them for my capitalisation, and why not, my future too!

Raffaele Q. - Trader in Savius

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Registrations will close on 7 September!​​


How much does participation cost?

The cost of participation is 49€.

When does the contest start and how long does it last in total?

The first phase of the contest starts on 1 September and ends on 31 September.

Those who still have an active account at the end of the first phase (i.e. the finalists) will then participate in the second phase.

The second phase lasts from 1 November to 30 November.

So a total of 2 months.

By when can I join in?

The deadline for joining is 7 August.

Is the account I will receive as a prize in the event of winning a real account?

Yes, the accounts that the winners will receive are real and ready to redeem profits in the event of a positive trade.

Where will the contest be held?

Directly from your home or office. In short, from wherever you prefer! The contest will be entirely online, only your operations count.

What are you waiting for?

Click the button below and enter the contest now for only €49!

Registrations will close on 7 September!​​