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Get to know Savius' team and our Mission.

Discover Our Team and Mission


Savius is a leading Prop House in search of talent in the financial field. 


We aim to provide funding to those traders who demonstrate solid risk management skills and a profitable trading strategy.


Savius promotes the research of statistical edges on the markets, always maintaining strict, mathematically based risk management models. 


We strongly believe in creating close relationships between us and our funded talents, who will be fully integrated into our work environment. 


Our experience and independence put trust into our funding, placing our traders in an international and challenging environment, constituting an excellent opportunity for seeking constant growth.

Savius Team

Gianluca Lambusta

Chairman of Savius

Tiziano Brunno

CEO of Savius

Antonio Calzolaro

Marketing Manager

Luca Tiberi

Sales Manager

Daniele Borghello

Help Desk Manager

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