Savius Challenge

Fast Track
  • Position and Starting Capital

    Remote Prop Trader - 20k (nominal)
  • Preparation No Coaching required
  • Strategy Trader's choice
  • Phase 1 (Challenge) length 10 Consecutive sessions
  • Coaching Material Fee Not Applicable
  • Phase 1 Profit Target to qualify $2,000.00
  • Phase 1 Max Total Loss/Daily Loss $1,500.00 / $750.00
  • Refund upon passing $198.00
  • Phase 2 (SIM) length 30 days (20 sessions) Once you reach your target, we will pair you up with a senior trader for the final pre-live conditioning phase
  • Phase 2 Profit Target/Max Total Loss $3,000.00 /$2,000.00 If you don't quite reach your target, you can still have a chance to join the team
  • Phase 2 (SIM) Compensation Not applicable
  • Phase 3 Live Trading Live and Sim Trading Compensation: 70% profit share
    - Nominal account size: $20k/3 Lots or more
    - Pro data fees deducted from account
    - Max Total Drawdown: 10%

Upon entering the Savius Live Challenge you agree to:

    • Only trade the markets agreed upon
    • Make at least 1 full trade a day for a total 10 full trades minimum (10 buys and 10 sells) in a 10 business day period
    • Always enter a trade with a stop loss (possibly with bracket orders)
    • Never to enter a position with more than the allowed max number of contracts
    • Never initiate or hold a position right before, during or right after the following reports:
      Non-farm payroll
      GDP announcements
      PPI and CPI announcements
      Gas or crude storage
      USDA reports
      FOMC announcements, testimonies and minutes
      ECB, BOE (or similar) Interest rate announcement and conference
    • Never exceed the Max daily loss of 750 USD (including commissions)
    • Never exceed the Max total loss of 1,500 USD (including commissions)
    • Reach a Profit Target 2,000 USD or more (net of commissions) for the Senior Independent Trader program and a Profit Target of $1250 USD or more for the Savius Algo Trader program. Important note : you cannot reach more than 70% of the total profit target in one single session; should you make for ex. $2000 net in just 1 trading session, we will consider only up to a maximum profit of $1400 ($2000*70%).
    • Close all positions and keep the portfolio flat before the market close (regular trading hours)

All candidates that abide by the rules and reach the profit goal will be eligible to move to phase 2 and will receive a credit of 100% of the Challenge sign up fee.

In the event that at the end of the Challenge period:

    • You have traded following the agreed rules and parameters
    • You have a net positive account balance but have not reached the official agreed Profit Target

Savius will offer you a 50% discount on the next trial.
Furthermore, Savius recruiters may decide, at their discretion, to move you on to PHASE 2.

Commissions will be deducted from your simulated account and calculated at $2.50 per side all inclusive. For better tracking of your performance and strategy statistics we recommend placing trades from the charting software (SierraChart) but it’s important that you take off the “trade simulation mode on” check from the menu TRADE.


You may trade up to 3 lots per symbol or per position (ex.: 3 lots of Mini Dow, 2 lots of ES and 1 GBP, or 1 lot in 3 different markets).


Nymex CME

        • Crude (CL)
        • NATGAS (NG)


        • Gold (GC)

Grains (CBOT)

        • SoyaBeans ( ZS)
        • Wheat (ZW)
        • Corn (ZC)

Foreign Exchange Futures

        • Euro Futures ( 6E)
        • Japanese Yen Futures (6J)
        • British Pound Futures (6B)
        • Canadian Dollar Futures ( 6C)
        • Australian Dollar Furures (6A)

American Equity Index Futures

        • Mini S&P (ES)
        • Mini ND 100 (NQ)
        • Mini Dow Jones (YM)


Whether you are already an experienced trader or simply an aspiring professional trader looking to join our team, you will need to take our Challenge in  order to be evaluated for Live Trading.


The Challenge is key part of our recruiting process and candidate selection. It’s a test that will last 10 trading days (10 consecutive sessions) during which you trade in a simulated environment. The sim account is registered in your name and you will have full control over it during the Challenge period. We refer to the Challenge stage as Phase 1.

Choose your professional career path and get started!

Savius now offers 2 separate and alternative professional career paths for aspiring Remote Prop Traders:

  1. The Senior Independent Trader path, for experienced traders who already have a profitable strategy and are looking for leverage and/or initial funding;
  2. The Junior Savius Trader path, for intermediate traders who are interested in completing their professional training and are searching for a full trading solution (coaching, tools and funded account).

Both programs are currently available and both offer pros and cons, depending on your current skill level. Select what best fits your current skill level and needs, read the rules and register below.

Please note: brokerage firms may have restrictions as far as eligibility to trade on behalf of Savius. For example traders of certain nationalities (such as Canada) will not be able to participate in our recruiting programs. Additional restrictions may apply; please contact us before enrolling to make sure you can qualify.

Earn while you Learn!

Junior Savius Trader Program only!

If you do well during Phase 2
(but don't reach your goal)

We will keep you on SIM and pay you $250!

With Savius Earn while you Learn!

You can choose one from two separate and alternative professional career paths for aspiring Remote Prop Traders

The Senior Independent Trader path, for experienced traders who already have a profitable strategy and are looking for leverage and/or initial funding;

The Junior Savius Trader path, for intermediate traders searching for professional training and a complete trading solution (coaching, tools and funded account).

Once you successfully pass your Challenge (i.e. met the profit targets and followed our rules and risk parameters) you will be promoted to Phase 2 and start your remote internship as a Junior Trainee. We will issue you a full refund for the registration fee and you will be instructed to start a new, more in depth evaluation period. During Phase 2, you will have up to 30 days to reach your new profit targets. The candidates that have enrolled in the Junior Savius Trader program will be also trained to use the Savius Prop Algo tools. Savius retains the option to recruit those individuals that have not been able to reach their profit target but have demonstrated solid skills and consistency.
The Junior Trainees who are able to control their risk during Phase 2, and reach their profit targets will be promoted to Junior Funded Traders. They will be then given instructions to complete the required documentation and receive full trading authority on one of Savius funded accounts. Candidates that have not reached the official profit target but have shown particular skills and talent could, at Savius full discretion, receive an offer to remain under observation for an extended period of time in the capacity of Junior Trainees (small compensation applicable).


The Challenge is a period of 10 consecutive trading days during which you trade in a simulated environment. The account is registered in your name and you will have full control over it during the Challenge period.

If you pass the Challenge the sign up fee will be entirely refunded back to you.

Are you ready for the Challenge?

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